Stone is a very special boy. Built to last and produced to produce.

His stats are;
Weight: 120 lbs
Height: 20 inch
Headsize: 27 inch
Stud: $5.000,-

Young Adult Stone

Puppy Stone
If you want to buy a stud please let us know. 😉 We hope you get some nice puppies.

Stone his Father: The Unstoppable Legion Pits “ULP” The Unstoppable Juggernaut

Stone his Mother: Bully Boys Low Rider


Some of Stone his Ancestors; Charlito El Nino Consentido, Bluefire’s Del Amo Kennelmac Nina, Bluefires Poppa Bolo, Nis Arnold the Terminator, Bluefire’s Kali, Diehard Straight Outta Compton (Mac-10), Dogman Bumper, Notorious Juan Gotty, Monster Jojola & Legion 91 West end Kennels.