About us

The Breeders

We hope that the knowledge that has been accumulated for multiple generations. Will be beneficial in creating a nice American Bully for you. Dogs are essential for our life style. It is given as an excuse to wander the parks and forests. Just a good excuse to have a late night stroll, or walk on the beach.

Dogs are also beneficial for young couples. When they live together this is an extremely good idea, before having kids. To learn to take care of a living animal, even if a couple is going to a ruff patch. This will keep communication open and helps to keep relationships and marriage together.

The Family Dihal live in the Netherlands, Europe. And comes from Suriname, South-America. We come from a lineage of farmers  and landowners who spend most of their years in the fields working in in agriculture and breeding cows and bulls and occasionally dogs. For  a span of more than over a hundred years.  

Mr. Rahul Dihal breeds for 40 years. Started with Pitbulls, American Staffords Terriers. These breedings were only to secure the future of special linages, so they didn’t become extinct. Some of the Staffords we have bred and produced laid the foundation for the American Bully Breed. Operating under the kennel name 13 Royal Bloodlines also known as 13RBL. 

Raoul Dihal, don’t know any better than that dogs, breedings and litters have always been in his life. He has dogs since his first memory. And helped whelping and to run litters since the age of five. This gives him 25 years of experience. It’s the only consistent theme running true his life.

We are mainly located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands (Europe). But we have some of our dogs spread across the country. Giving some friends and family members a companion. What really benefits them both. 

Our partner Mr. Scott lives in Stockton, California in the United States of America. Just a two hours drive from San Fransico. We are very glad to have the possibility to work with Mr. Scott.

This gives us both the possibility to work on two continents. He takes care of our American breedings, litters and customers. And we take care of the European market. So it is easier to do business with the big international market clients. Mr. Scott got 15 years experience in breeding, training and conditioning. Operating under the kennel name Fear Nones Royal Bloodline. 

Dogs are always there, nowadays in our daily lives, we are more busy with human health. Customers can always drop by our private clinic. To get treatments that are more effective and beneficial than regular hospital-insurance-politic treatments. We can also help breeders with sperm from their stud or pregnancy for females.

If you want a American Bully of the highest quality please fill free to contact us.